Flow 9.6
(Modell 2016)

All-Round Surf - Surf - Touring The FLOW Inflatable series is the inflatable alternative to the GCI and FCI versions of the FLOW 9.6, 10.6 and 11.6. With all of the same attributes of our Air Glides, but more generous volumes, the FLOW inflatables are a stable and economical first step in your SUP career. New for 2016 is SIC´s Stringer Support Technology (SST) which, provides structure and rigidity to the board when inflated, but collapses and folds to store inside of a backpack. Who knew SUP
could be this easy and fun?

• Coil leash (8´x 7mm)
• Standard backpack for easy transport and storage
• Patch kit
• (SST) Stringer Support Technology
• Ultra durable single layer
• PVC tarpaulin skin
• Double reinforced rail construction
• High pressure drop stitch construction (DSC) core
• Two stage pump: dual action to rapidly inflate and single action to bring up to max psi (10 psi min. to 15 psi max)
• Carry handle
• Surf leash ring and towing nose ring
• Cargo net
• U.S. finbox compatible w/ toolless FCS Connect 9.0" fin for quick setup, breakdown and low stacking capabilities

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Modell Bauweise Volumen Gewicht*** Länge Breite Höhe UVP** Preis
Flow 9,6

250 L
7,5 kg
289 cm

75 cm

15,24 cm

1000 EUR* 599 EUR*
*inkl.Mwst. zzgl. VersandkostenVersand innerhalb Deutschlands 16,49 Euro (exkl. Inselzuschlag)

**empfohlener Verkaufspreis des Herstellers
***Alle Gewichte sind ungefähre Angaben