The Wide Aquatic ''Utility'' line is a segment for everyone. These boards perform with the race and surf design DNA as our performance models but with a stable for all width range. Everyone needs one of these boards in the garage.
Wide Aquatic 10'4'' x 32''
(Modell 2017)

The Wide Aquatic is max volume engineered with max performance for the larger surfer or beginner/intermediate that wants an easy ride. Shaping Hall of Fame Inductee Steve Boehne excels in designing performance boards for the larger 100kg+ surfer. Timeless design theory and characteristics come together in one board for the 'big dogs'. Catch waves with ease, turn on a dime and enjoy the life aquatic! The big size also doubles as a fun cruiser board for the family on flat water.
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Wide Aquatic 10'4'' x 32''
blue - grey, lime - grey
315 cm

81,3 cm

183 L
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